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Looking for new flat panel

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I currently have the 42" Olevia (hvi I think). Sorry, I am new to this forum and don't have all the details handy. Anyway, I just mounted the 42" to the wall and I get the urge to get a bigger panel. Our living room is long and a little narrow (14' x 10') and my favorite chair is about 12-13 feet from the TV.

I would like to get something at least 50" and I am looking for some help in selecting a panel. I do use this TV for connection to a PC (surfing the web, gaming, etc) and I am generally thinking another LCD is the right choice. I am also considering if I should get a 1080p panel. I have seen all the write-ups on the Sharp LC-52D62U and that looks like a good choice if it weren't for the banding. I am also wondering if I should wait for the new models to come out but we all know there is always something better on the way.

Anyway, I would like to stay around $3000 (max) and would appreciate any feedback this group of people in the know can help me with. While I'm not in a hurry, I would prefer to make a decision soon. If that decision is to wait, I would like to know what I am waiting for and when that model will be available.

Thanks in advance.
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I have the Sharp 52". Interesting to note that they doesn't look as big when you get them home and on the wall isn't it?

I have no complaints with my set other than I don't get to watch it as much as I would like. I think that the problem that you would face with this set is a lack of a VGA input for your computer hookup. It does have 2 HDMI inputs though.

The set looks very good with SD sources as well, and HD is just fantastic. With prices on this set on the way down, it is a good choice. I sit about 11' from the set and it is a good size for that distance.

The banding issue is not a problem for me. I can see it on a grey screen, but not durring regular viewing. I understand that this has been a problem for other people, but maybe my eyes are just not sharp enough to seem them.

Yes there are better things on the way. Within the next 3 months Sharp will introduce the 92 and I think the 82 series that have more inputs, better CR, wider color spectrum, etc...

This will always be the case though, so enjoy now, you can always wait for bigger and better.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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