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So I was looking at the LG 47LD500. A little detail:

Key Features

* Full HD 1080p Resolution

* TruMotion 120Hz

* 100,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio

* USB 2.0 (Photo/Service only)

* 3 HDMI Inputs

I'm curious if anyone knows about input lag on gaming? I play a lot of FPS type games.

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I bought the tv over black friday but leading up to the purchase I tried really hard to find information here about this TV and could not. Although frustrated, I took a gamble because of the solid price ($600 flat before CA tax) and bought it. It's main uses will be for video coming from my computer and I plan on doing some gaming on it too. Today I got around to testing input lag and thought sharing the results would be useful for possible future buyers who can't find this information anywhere else:


Video = DVI-to-HDMI adapter then HDMI cable straight to the TV from my computer's Nvidia GTX-285 video card. Audio-over-hdmi disabled in nvidia control panel.

Audio = Minijack-to-RCA cable to "DVI Audio In" I think it's called on the back of the TV.

Computer LCD Monitor = BenQ G2400 and you can find input lag information for that monitor here http://www.digitalversus.com/duels.p...&p2=3984&ph=12 which pegs it at 3ms at worst.

TV settings = Scroll down for those.

Conclusion: So at 32ms of input lag vs my BenQ I would say it's at 2-3 frames of lag. Based on what I've seen in other threads I think that is probably pretty decent.
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