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Looking for Offerings!!!!!

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Mark Levinson



Need an amp to make me enjoy my music better.

I only have around 1500 and would like a decent resale value.

Anyone familiar with KST-80 or ML-9, 27, Classe CA-150?

I am on a budget I spent alot on my Theta!
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I second the Jeff Rowland amp. Look in the classifieds on the internet. I had a pair of Model 3's (150 watt mono blocks) that I sold to Steve Dodds for $750. If you look around you can repeat that deal. None of the amps you mentioned would be better at that price. If you buy new you will be getting a inferior amp compared to what is available used for the money you have to spend. You could also look for Audio Research but, they have such a high resale value I'm not sure you can find something in your price range.

Also, try looking for Bryston if you need some brute power. Bryston, like Rowland, is capable of putting out some serious current which is the power that counts. The older Krells can be very bright sounding. I would stay away from them, the newer designs from this last year are a different story.

Audiogon is a pretty good internet source. Also, get out your phone book and call all the AV dealers within a 6 hour drive and see what they have used. If you can save a few thousand dollars buying used, what's a days drive?
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Just took a glance at Audiogon, there is an add for the Rowland model one for 1500 complete with original crate. You might want to jump on it. If you have the original box Rowland will upgrade your amp to it's most recent configuration for a few hundred dollars. I talked to Jeff about this a year ago in regards to the model 3's. There is also an add for the model 3 mono blocks but, the price is way out of line.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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