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Looking for programmers to help with MythTV HDTV DVR system

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I’m not sure if I’m allowed to make this kind of solicitation in the forum, so I just might get yelled at.

I am hoping to build a rather complex self-contained hdtv-dvr home theater system, using a MythTV Linux box as the heart of the system. I plan on connecting several sources to it using Firewire (169time style)

Unfortunately, as great as MythTV is it lacks a lot of features I would like to have for recording and storing hdtv. I hope to add these features to it as well as some others. Primarily I am interested in adding DVHS support and support for compressing hdtv into mpeg-4 format, but there are other numerous changes I hope to make.

Unfortunately, I am not very experienced in programming for Linux other than bare consol stuff. So I am going to need someone else to do a lot of the heavy lifting in this project. Someone who is familiar with Linux hardware and video programming and interested in the project to improve MythTV.

If you don’t know that you can do all of the things I would like to see, then I could certainly use your help for just part of the project.

Compensation: I’m a student. And I don’t have a huge amount of money, so I am hoping to find people who will do this at least partially because they love opensource and want to contribute. But we could definitely work out something for compensation, up to possible a couple grand for the entire project, paid out over the length of the project (or at the end). If you’re interested, we can work something out.

Here are the changes I want made to MythTV to make it suitable for my “Ultimate†home theater system

1. FireWire Viewing and Recording Support For Standard and High Definition

2. DVHS and VHS VCR Support

3. Support for multiple receivers with different channel lineups.

4. Support for XM Radio

5. Support for AM/FM Radio

6. After-recording mpeg-4 batch-conversion of SDTV and HDTV recordings

7. HDTV Mpeg4 DVD Burning

8. Intelligent upconversion, scaling, deinterlacing and aspect ratio management

There are a few others but these are the main ones, but these are the main things I want. If you are interested, E-mail me at [email protected] and I will send you a more detailed summary of what I am looking for.

Thanks a lot

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