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Looking for "punch"

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Who isn't, Right?

Using a HTPC, Thumperized UP-1100 blasting through a Panamorph onto a draper 1.3 gain screen I constantly find myself always tweaking trying to find that nice glossy, lots of depth, image. This probably has everything to do with contrast level, something that is discussed on this forum often.

I find myself coming back to pretty much the standard settings, If I stray to far away I'll lose detail in either the blacks or whites depenting on which field I am pushing.

Right now I would describe the picture as a "satin" look. Not flat, but certainly not glossy with lots of depth, like a CRT would produce. I am hoping the 235:1 Panamorph will help (like I'll see that anytime soon).

So, What do you folks suggest? Grayhawk? Some better form of gamma control (I really have none at the moment). I don't know.

Looking for suggestions that does not involve buying a whole new system.

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The Grayhawk, or any gray screen, would definitely add some depth to your picture. Another thing you can do is to go to a smaller screen, that always helps. Just some ideas.

Punch is also given by brightness, which the Grayhawk will reduce. Try moving the pj closer or zooming and see what that does.
How many lumens does a Thumperized UP-1100 throw? I assume that the white section is turned off?

Why closer?


How much for one 10' x 4'4" (2.35:1) fabric only.


Thanks, but I just can't bring myself to go smaller.


Thumperized 1100 puts out about 900 lumens.

Please send more suggestions. Thanks. You're all great help!

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If you want a punch you have to tripple the amout of lumens, then use a high contrast screen.

Shoot me an email and I'll get you a price for the material.

Punch is about lumens as well as contrast. I have a Boxlight 38T/Sanyo XP21N and Grayhawk combo and I can assure you this baby has punch. At least 2000 lumens worth after tweaking.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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