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Hello.  I'm a service tech in Montana and I work on arcade games and video gaming machines mostly.  I run quite a few dartboards that use 19 inch LCD monitors for the displays.  The manufacturer wants around $300 for a monitor but I can find them on Amazon for about $100.  I'd say I usually get a year or so out of a monitor.  Some of the brands I have bought are Acer, Asus, Westinghouse, Ect.  The manufactures monitor is a little better than what I find online but not much.


In the video gaming machines I work on they also use LCDs.  They are much higher quality and are repairable.  I can find the parts for fairly cheap or repair the components myself.  It's usually blown caps, transistors or fuses.  I would like to find some 19 inch, non-touch screen monitors for my dartboards that are high quality like the video gaming machine monitors.  I have been having trouble finding a good supplier.  It seems like most places are over seas or just want to sell me the same old crap I've been using.


The only thing they really need is the 100x100 vesa mount on the back, a VGA input, and to be able to run off 110V.  I'd like to be able to order power boards, inverter boards, AD boards and panels to replace broken ones.  I would also like to know this monitor will be around for a year or two so I can replace them as my crappy amazon ones break.


Any ideas for a source or am I just dreaming?  Thanks for your input in advance!
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