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Hey everyone,

I'm new here but have been reading a lot of the posts for the last two weeks. I'm wondering if you guys can help me with something. I'm looking for a surround receiver, but it will be used in a somewhat unique environment. I have a recording studio and do a lot of mixing and mastering. To check mixes, I listen back on the main monitors, as well as several other systems. I do surround mixes as well and I'm putting together a system that will resemble a home theater setup to check the surround mixes on as well as 2.0/2.1. I have the speakers already which are from Klipsch. I went with those because I sometimes push the highs just a little and I needed as set of speakers that would let me know when I go a little too far and the horns in them should do that. I'm not looking for a super high end receiver, but something used, but has to sound better than so many of the receivers that just sound flat and dead. From reading reviews and doing a lot of homework, I wanted to see what you guys thought of something along the lines of older amps like the H-K 240/330/340, NAD 752/753, or the H&R 307/505. Sounds quality is very important. I don't really care about video. The only video on the discs will be on screen menus or if the client wants video on there. This is pretty much purely an audio test system. I've read a lot about issues with some of these and that's a little concern. There is a good repair shop near me so I could get it fixed, but reliability is important. Since I'm looking at older used receivers, I can't just A/B them so I was wondering what you guys think about the sound quality and channel separation/soundfield with these in stereo and surround setups.

Thanks for the help.
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