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Hi folks.

My current setup is as follows
  • PS3
  • Samsung Flatscreen with 2 HDMI inputs (PS3 and cable TV)
  • A basic DVD player with an HDMI output
  • A library of music on a PC on the home network but with no system to play the music on :-(

I'm looking for a high quality receiver that can take advantage of the HDMI ports on all these systems. I'm also interested in a receiver that can connect to the network, so I can access my music library from the receiver. The PS3 can do this, but my desire is to not have to turn on the PS3 just to access the music library. The PS3 is a power hog.

I'm also looking for a 5.1 speaker system to complement the receiver and complete the Home Theater setup.

I have been digging around for information and even visiting Home Theater stores but there is so much information out there that I am not getting any closer to narrowing down on a receiver or speakers.

Any help would be appreciated.

Budget $500 (not possible?)
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