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Looking for receiver upgrade suggestions

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I am looking to replace my 2000 model of *gasp JVC RX-600V DTS reciever for something upto date for

HD audio and video

It can be either 5.1(which is my current setup) or 7.1 for greater future upgrade to my home theatre

I currently use a Digital AV switch for my component HD signals

Joytech Audio/Video Switch (JS-965C) but would like the reciever to replace the component hd switching.

I have a Xbox 360 with the HDDVD Addon, and will someday adopt a new standalone player for better sound

I have Optoma hd72 which I would like to use HDMI for all my signals if possible but I do have separate video cables ie, rca video, component. if that would drive the cost up

My current 5.1 speakers are nothing to brag about but from my experience in my home theatre it appears to do the job for now here are the current speakers if that matters


the room is 10X20
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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