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Which sub should I pair with my Audioengines

  • Brand new Outlaw M8

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  • 6 month old Emotiva Ultra 10

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  • Open Box Rel T3

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Hey guys, I will be getting a pair of Bamboo audioengine A5s for my bedroom and I am considering a small sub to pair with them. First and foremost I am not interested in the Audioengine S8 nor am I looking at any budget ported subs (BIC, Lava, etc). The room is 12 x 10 x 8 and will be used for 90% music with the ocassional movie. I would like a second opinion on what to choose from these three:

*Brand new Outlaw audio M8: $250 plus shipping with factory warranty


*6 month old Emotiva Ultra 10 available for local pickup at a good price. Full 5 year warranty is transferable


*Open Box/ Display REL acoustics T3 from Vanns: $240-270. 7 day return policy through Vanns with factory 3 year warranty

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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