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Looking for some colorful sci-fi (space) movie

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Looking for some good sci-fi space movies with lots of colorful scenes/eye candy. I got a LCD TV in Nov. and have been re-watching some sci-fi movies like star wars. In Attack of the Clones the scene where they're going through the asteroid field was a great colorful scene, as well as the crashing scene in Pitch Black. Would like to rent a few movies (or documentary) with lots of of colorful space scenes. Thanks in advance.

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Have you seen Starship Troopers yet? This might fit the bill. A lot of it is on the planet but there are some nice spaceship explosions in it.
Yes I saw it on tv yesterday.

"Mission To Mars" might fill what you want in colorful scenes!:)
I'd recommend Supernova. A budget flick, but the video transfer looks great. It will give you a fair amount of "eye candy".
The Fifth Element - a few space scenes, but talk about color!

Star Trek: First Contact

You should check out the Starship Troopers DVD - it was considered reference quality when it came out. Now there's a Superbit version.
I would guess STAR TREK: THE WRATH OF KHAN would be good. And, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (get the digitally-remastered MGM edition).

Barbarella is all about eye candy & color!
Maybe not exactly scifi, but I think What Dreams May Come is hands down the best movie you can use to exercise your screen's colour muscles.

Not the easiest movie to watch (I think you either love it or despise it) but I think all can agree that it is visually stunning.
I found Pitch Black to be surprisingly entertaining!
event horizon
Looking for bright colors in sci fi, I would recommend Flash Gordon.

Of course, I do not know if it is out on DVD, or how it looks on DVD but if anyone knows I would be very interested.

You know something? I keep thinking of the HD version of all of your suggestions shown on movie channels. Every one mentioned has been shown in HD...wierd...

Hated event horizon. Probably would suggest Fifth Element. Waking Life might be of interest to some for color.

oops, never mind...Barbarella and What Dreams May Come have not been shown in HD.
Nuts, Flash Gordon is not yet out on DVD, oh well.

So, go with 5th element concert scene, people has used this for reference and shock/awe effect for long time.

Originally posted by ChrisMcCarthy
Nuts, Flash Gordon is not yet out on DVD, oh well.
Flash Gordon was indeed released on dvd in Region 1 back in 2000, but is has been OOP for quite some time...the title can still be found used, but is not worth overpaying for as the transfer is poor.

Event Horizon is available, but the transfer is non-anamorphic and also looks dreadful.

The Superbit versions of Starship Troopers, and The Fifth Element, along with Pitch Black-Unrtaed Directors Cut are must buys.

I would also recommend the following;

Lost in Space-one of the better looking earlier releases.

Farscape...one of the best sci-fi series out on disc.

Galaxy Quest-DTS version

Solaris (2002)

2001: A Space Odyssey

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Muppets In Space. Comedy sci-fi.
CQ - Colors are absolutely stunning. It's a mock 60's film that tells the story of a filmmaker who's making a 60's space film. Huh? Anyway, it's worth a rent. It's different.

War of the Worlds looks incredible for color as does When Worlds Collide but WOTW is superior.

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