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Hello all. I'm in the hunt for a new subwoofer. I'm most likely going to get an ID subwoofer in the ~$1000 range. I think I've narrowed it down to these options:

-Elemental Designs A7S-450

-Epic Empire



-Rythmik FV15

I know this isn't really all that "narrowed down" since these are basically the top 5 ID subs in that price range. I'd love to hear any advice from owners of these subs, especially if you've owned more than one of them, but I'd really like to find somebody in Colorado that might own one of these and allow me to make a visit to hear it in person. It's just difficult for me to make an educated decision on this purchase when all I can do is read spec sheets on the internet. Yes, I've read through the entire shootout thread that involved most of these units.

If it helps at all, our current setup is Pioneer Elite SC-37, DefTech BP7006, C/L/R2002, BP2X.
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