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So last fall I went out and got two PSB Imagine Towers and the Imagine Center channel and they're great but the problem is they're too damn big-my fault, I know. Size-wise they're too much for me-Especially the center channel-will not fit on either of the two entertainment centers I have without blocking the bottom of my TV screen and so big that the spade cables I got from Bluejeans would not even fit.

I was living in a relatively large apartment not a house (problem #1) and have since moved to a smaller place (problem #2). I also got 2 PSB bookshelf speakers which I want to keep. I've already sunk $2300 into the towers and center so I'd like to cut my losses if possible and limit my investment to what I've already shelled out (i'm hoping i can get $1000-1500 back but that may be a bit optimistic).

I have 2 questions: 1) How should I sell them? Consignment or Internet? and 2) What are some good, small footprint fronts and center that I can get for...say $1500?
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