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Looking for speaker set for Onkyo TX-SR603X, need advice...

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Let me first start off by saying I've read the rules on this thread, so don't say I have this and it's the best please. I'd also like to mention that I've been ghosting the forum for a while, and that's partially why I purchased the TX-SR603X Receiver.

But now, I need a speaker set. First of all, I've been looking at these two series:

1. Infinity TSS-750

2. Athena Point 5 MK II (w/ Appopriate Subwoofer)

Will both of these handle the Power ratings of the receiver well (low distortion throughout power range)? I am also trying to stick to $500 or $600 for the speaker/ subwoofer budget, but will go more if it's really a good idea. I'd hate to spend this much and be unhappy with them. Does anyone have some real benefits of one over the other?

I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!
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I believe each set of those speakers reommends 10 - 100 wpc receiver for optimum operation. I personally used to own the Infinity TSS-450s, which sounded a tad bright to my ears but were good for their price range, I would imagine the TSS-750s to be very similar for the price vs performance. Athena, another excellent sounding speaker to me, I also own Athena, but I own the Micra 6 system (paired with a Denon AVR-1906 receiver) and it sounds superb. For the money I think Athenas hold the crown for most bang for the buck in the low cost category. I do not think you can go wrong either way here IMO, however, I would lean towards the Athenas. Just my opinion and 2 cents, for what its worth, I hope this helped.
How big is the room where this system will reside? Also do you have a sonic signature preference i.e. neutral, warm, bright??

Thanks for your thoughts.

It'll be used mostly for surround movies and satellite radio. The room it will be setup in is medium in size. I'm afraid of the speakers in the Infinity series being to small to provide the full music feel (If that makes any sense). Athena might be better? Any other brands/ series I should really be looking into?

Thanks again.
Athena makes some good stuff that can be had for reasonable coin. My opinion is if you want to get the most out of your $ go for the x-ls package from www.********** . They will have NO problem filling a medium sized room with lush smooth sound. The only problem I have with recommending these is that they are back ordered until july :( but trust me they are worth the wait, on the plus side the center will be released by then. ;)

I'm thinking the following (I'm looking at getting them this week):

Athena Point 5 MK II Home Theater Speaker ($200)

Athena AS-P4000 ($150) or Athena AS-P6000 ($300)

Two extra Athena Point 5 Satellites for 7.1 system ($100)

Some stands, maybe Q:4 ($150)

Which subwoofer would match this setup best? I don't need to overkill the base or anything? Also, where can I get the best prices? Thanks again!
I just purchased a Onkyo DVD player, model DV-SP502, with the 5.1 sound connections. Is it better to have the multichannel analog connections to my receiver, or the optical connection for audio quality? Thanks in advance.

Use the optical or coaxial connection for DVDs. 5.1 analog is typically for SACD/DVD-Audio only.
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