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I'm designing a 12'x10' (8' ceiling) dedicated theater room and need speakers to wall mount underneath the projection screen.

The problem is I will only have around 24-26" underneath the screen.

However, I need to have some room below that because of light reflection off the bottom of the screen.

I was looking at the PSB Image B6s for my fronts, but they would basically have to be almost on the ground given they are 14" high. Very hard to find a mount with enough upward tilt, as well. But, they seem to be great speakers from what I am told.

Also considered the Definitive Technology 1000 series, but am told they are a full step beneath, but it seems they would mount very well especially with the custom mounts and upward tilt capability.

Just looking for suggestions for three fronts (and two surrounds). Budget $1000-1500.



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Look no further than the Jamo D500 or D600 (for those with a larger room). The D500 is beautiful to look at, THX Select Certified, easy to install, and a very very high quality speaker for the cost.

D500 MSRP is around $349 each. These speakers are an incredible value and will absolutely blow you away in your room. One of the most underrated speaker systems in audio, IMO.

We used these in a theater in very large open lower level and they performed spectacularly. The screen was 120" diagonal and the sound matched the image size just fine.

Here's a link. http://www.jamo.com/speaker-systems/home-cinema-systems/?sku=D500
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