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Hello all,

I have been on a quest for the most basic form of digital signage. I would like to find a TV that can play ppt (powerpoint) or mp4 converted from a ppt using the "save as" in powerpoint. I want it simple to use and without being dependent on any other devices.

As of now I have a Samsung UN48H6350 which i thought would play mp4 without issue. I was able to get a mp4 to play but there is a pesky message that display each time it loops. "This audio data is not supported". There is no audio in the presentation by design and I also tried saving as .wmv which yields the same results.

I know about plex and screen mirroring and all the other external devices that could make this work but I don't want that. I just want a simple tv to play a simple video file....

Any help would be great.

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