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Looking for Tips on Audio/Receiver Components

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I have been looking around at products for my first home theater for a while, but I have little experience with comparing receiver/speaker set ups.

Here are some things that will hopefully narrow down the spread of possibility:

-It will be set up in the basement, so minimal light and alternative use.

-It will be used about 60% movies, 30% TV, and 10% music.

-I am planning on going with the Panny 3000AE and have an overall gadget budget of about $6K.

-I am leaning toward a screen with 2.35:1 ratio, but really don't know the positives/negatives of others. But with the Panny listed, I think the built in anamorphic lens, any should work.

-The front wall the screen will be on is about 18' x 9', which is why I'm thinking the 2.35:1 screen would fit nicely, at about a 135" diag

-the walls have been prewired for a 7.1 or 7.2 surround set up.

-dimensions of the viewing area are L-shaped: the front wall is about 18' wide, and back wall is 31' from the screen wall. 9' Ceiling.

I can include any other info needed, but hopefully this is good to get started.

Any websites/brands to look at would be much appreciated

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The Panasonic is a good projector. It doesn't have a " built in anamorphic lens " - it has a zoom memory function. The Epson 6500 is a good projector too.

A Denon 2310 or 1910 reciever would be a good start. Too many speakers to choose from. I use Axiom speakers myself, with a SVS cylinder subwoofer.
Right--I have actually decided on the Onkyo HT-RC160 for a receiver--for 380 with shipping, I think it will provide just the right amount of what I need for a good while. As far as speakers, I was thinking of getting them piece by piece. I will probably focus on getting a really solid floorstanding pair, maybe klipsch, axiom, or the like, a good center and powered sub pair. As far as the 4 surround pieces, I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for.

Say I'm using between 1000 and 1500 for the entire surround budget, what might be a range to expect to spend on these remaining 4?

I've been going between Crutchfield, eBay, and newegg searching for deals on speakers--any other suggestions?
I was able to find a good deal through Amazon, so you might check there. They shipped from another company.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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