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Sorry to make another thread like this but searching is hard since everyone has different budgets and room sizes. So heres mine.

Im looking for just two front tower speakers with a matching center speaker. My budget is $1300 or less for all of it. Any suggestions?

The room is about 2400sq and it will be hooked up to a Denon 2308CI receiver. I mainly use it for only HT and not music.

This is what I have currently for reference http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volum...3y-1-2002.html but never did buy the towers. Was just the bookshelves for the fronts and a JBL subwoofer that i will be replacing this week.

There have been great names mentioned when i searched. I just cant seem to find where they are sold at when i google search them. So if you know where to get certain brands then please mention that also.

Thanks guys!
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