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Love Home Theater PC and media-gadgets? Want to write a how-to with screen-shots or photos of your gadgets or HTPC setup? Or just want to share with others without the hassle of dealing with a personal blog?

Let me know. I run www.geektonic.com and am looking for people just like you. I love HTPC's and write about this topic myself, but am always looking for contributors whether that be guest bloggers or even regular contributors. SageTV/Windows MediaCenter, MediaPortal, XBMC, Meedios & other HTPC writings are especially appreciated as that is why most readers come to GeekTonic. The pay is low (nearly non-existent although I do try to give a gift card at the end of each year to contributors) but you'll be reaching over 100,000 eyeballs each month and you'll be helping out the community too.

Examples of articles that would work:

* How to ...... with your HTPC/computer/mobile device etc

* Summary of your media setup

* Room makeover for your home media setup

* Why you went to the trouble of HTPC

* Why you switched to/from your HTPC software of choice

* Your favorite videocard, TV, processor, computer case etc etc

Hopefully you get the idea. Why ask for more contributors? Well the honest truth is I want to continue to "grow" GeekTonic.com. It's gone from a very ho-hum blog where I occasionally shared my own experiences to a semi-HTPC news & info blog to something that actually is successful in terms of readership at least.

It pays for itself but definitely doesn't pay the bills - I do that with my day job. Which is the other reason I'd love to get more contributors - I have times like the last month where I just don't have time to blog as much as I want.

Would you like to do one simple post or have ideas for several? Either way send me a message and I'll hook you up. I'll help with the formatting, spell checking and all that non-fun stuff too.

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hardforum or thegreenbutton would be another good place. I am already writing for another website ;D

gl though
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