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looking 'round in Zones...some bugs

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More bugs in the Zones:

a) Making the Band has it's Season Finale last night. Did the More More More! Zone pick it up? 'Course not! I've reported this problem many times. I don't think anyone at Replay cares that they have this completely useless Zone just sitting there. It's great to *want* to use TMS data...but only if it can work! They removed Talk Shows and Replay Picks because they didn't work...why leave these non-functional Zones present, then? Ask me it borders on false advertising. "ReplayTV has Zones! We list lots of words on a screen! They're *supposed* to find shows for you to record...but they don't. But aren't the pictures pretty?!" Pretty UI, just like that other guy... But TiVo records my shows AND is pretty.

(note: Replay records 99% of all my shows...I'm just harping on this one *minor* feature withing *one* one like 40 Zones)

Also, TiVo's description of MAB actually said "Season Finale" in the description. Replay did not. They must have had to remove those words so they could have more room to cut off the description or something. (cheap shot, I'll admit http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif

Oh, and someone tell TMS the one boy's name is Dan Miller, not Michael Miller.

b) September Zone's Sports Channel is supposed to have Football, Olympics, US Open and Baseball. I don't get any Football or the Olympics. Although the Olympics does work in More More More! and Sports Zones.

c) I like the NBC Fall Preview show in the NBC Drama and Comedy Zones. Hopefully that shows NBC's interest in USING their investment in Replay. But...the show was yesterday and the channel's still there. Plus - why not put a "New!" tag or something on the Replay Zone main page - I rarely check these Zones as the content is so stale. You know - this "Fall Preview" show would'a been perfect for TiVo's iPreview or whatever it's called...TiVo didn't promote this show to my knowledge.

d) NBC Drama - Mysterious Ways is showing results on CFTO (Canadian station) and PAX - but all the other shows in this Zone are limited to my local NBC Affiliate. An oversight or on purpose? I doubt NBC wants to promote my CA TV station. (although I've made arguments in the past that they *could* benefit from this)

e) NBC Comedy - when was Daddio and Sammy added? Sammy's been cancelled for months and has Daddio even been on all summer?

That's all for now...
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That was my guess, too http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

Oh, one more Zones thing. I don't think my Sports:Olympic Zone should pick up the "Nadia" movie from Fox Family.

When was Replay Picks (and human-selected and editied picks) gonna return?!?!

The channels don't appear based on your dial-up (well, maybe Antenna - I've never thought about it).

I'm in Buffalo and yes, I call the Buffalo number. I have Adelphia Cable so that's where my listings come from - Adelphia Rebuild Lineup (not Digital) to be specific.

On Adelphia CFTO is on channel 12 and channel 9 is a PBS affiliate so I think it you tried to use the Adelphia set-up you'd tune to the wrong station http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

Let me know if I can be of any more help!
Correction: TiVo DID promote the NBC Fall Preview show...in a few places. And, just like Replay, that info that's now dated is still present http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

So much for "nightly updates" http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif
FYI: TiVo removed *their* Fall Preview thing from NBC...Replay still has the stale content up.

Olypics Zone: like the look more than shoving it in an already-present NBC area (like TiVo) and I LOVE the breakdown by sport!!! Now...too bad NONE of the ones I selected have any upcoming times. Even the "What's on Now" only showed four "hits" - first one was two days after the Opening Ceremonies.

Some tweaking is necessary...by Friday...
Replay strikes again.

Next Friday Big Brother's description is listed (in TiVo and Replay, this time) as "Season Finale".

Does the More More More! Zone find this show? NO! NO! NO! NO! This Zone has not worked properly since 2.0's rollout in February!!!

It's embarrasing and shows Replay has no desire to fix this problem.

One would think the "Season Premiere" Zone would come in handy very shorly...but only if Replay fixes what's been wrong for 8 months...

Meanwhile I'll tune in to TiVo Takes special on 'New Shows' and let TiVo record all the new shows for me...if Replay refuses to fix it's tool that's supposed to help me do exactly the same thing.

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Here's what ReplayTV employee Jon Resnik promised to do about this problem back on July 12th via an email to me:

3) "Season Finalies" in More, More, More doesn't work.

I thought maybe all my null searches was due to TMS

not having that data but lately I've seen lots of

shows w/ the words "Season Finale" in the description

- but the More Zone found NONE of them. Maybe you can

change the Zone from searching for a specific "Season

Finale" field in the TMS data stream to just looking

for the text "season finale" in the description text?

Actually, I was suspised May Buffet didn't offer this

choice - which I assume would have meant you could

have manually programmed the searches w/ your Zone


==> Excellent suggestion. I will have my editors make this adjustment


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Can I please clarify something?

I spoke in email w/ someone about my comment above:

"It's embarrasing and shows Replay has no desire to fix this problem."

They suggested maybe I was a bit harsh. Maybe I was. So, let me clarify.

I'd like to state:

1) I did NOT mean to imply that the employees at Replay are embarassing at their inability to fix this problem. I have NO knowledge of what they're doing (if anything) to fix this one particular problem. What I meant was "embarassing" was the public (which I'm a part of) seeing this part of Replay's functionality languish un-fixed for so long. It's embarassing to the PRODUCT - not a reflection on the employees or their abilities. It's MY OPINION that Replay should remove this feature if it's not going to be fixed shortly. That way the public doesn't see non-working parts of the product. It's 'embarassing' when some user stumbles upon a problem.

What's NOT 'embarassing' is any employees abilities or commitment to the product.

2) In regards to Replay's desires. Again, I have no knowlege of their priorities. I ASSUMED that since this problem has continued for so long that it's not a top priority. And I was only speaking in terms of THIS ONE SMALL problem. I don't want to infer that I don't think Replay has a storng interest in continual product improvement. I'm sure they do.

Just for reasons unbeknowst to me, this ONE particular problem is still not fixed.

That's it...just clarifing...
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Another follow-up, TiVo has put BACK up their promo for the NBC Fall Preview show hosted by Karen from Will & Grace...so maybe that's why Replay has left it up for a efw weeks - expecting it's enevitable return to the schedule.

But...TiVo has also added some "NBC Premieres" to their NBC Network Showcases...two are for shows new this year. I hope Replay will add stuff once their channel guide data reaches "premiere week".

FWIW: I believe that the NETWORKS put up the data in the Network Showcases. I think Tivolutionary said that TiVo helps with some of them but once they get started the networks provide the data and layout... I don't know if this is the case with NBC, but they WERE one of the first ones on board, so I'd be surprised if they weren't doing their showcase.

Also, TiVo lists the olympics under the NBC showcase and also under the Tivolution magazine, if I recall correctly.

First: the Season Premiere (but not Series Premiere) Zones are working! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Second: Yes, the NBC special will re-air...with TiVoMatic tags in this network-broadcasted show. Cool!
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