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So my cable company is asking for $10 /month for the cable box with the DVI output and they don't offer the HDMI version.

They just changed over all the channels eliminating quite a few good channels from the standard cable programming.

So here are my questions:

1. The two boxes that are compatible are the Motorola DCT6416 and DCT6412, which is better? The only difference down here is the HDMI really and the dual tunner.

2. The box is going to be installed in Costa Rica and they really don't care where I get it from, does anyone have an old one of either model kicking around that they want to sell?

3. Is there anyway that I can connect the DCT box to my network? I have XBMC and i'm thinking about getting a Boxee, it would be much better to have one input and use that to watch anything on any TV if possible.

Thanks in advance,

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