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looking to buy a new dvd player

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please accept my apologies if the following should be obvious to me. i recently bought a pioneer 4340 plasma setup. i love it. it's time for a new dvd player. i keep reading on this forum about "upconverting" dvd players. why would i want such a unit? doesn't my new plasma do the same upconverting.

in any case, i would appreciate advice on purchasing a new dvd player. i'm not into bells and whistles. i would like a player with good pic quality, ease of use and reliability. thanks very much.
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Depending on your budget you can get a Denon 2910 for appx $500 that will complement your plasma exceptionally well with the HMDI output. Considering its appx 10% of the cost of your display I think that it is probably the best chioce and I don't feel the scaling ability of the plasma when used with a sub $300 player will best the picture produced by this DVD player.

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can i set the denon (or any other upscaling player) to output 720p to my pio 4340 plasma? i believe that is the native resolution of the 4340.

Yup, your plasma does the same up-scaling, but the player might do it better. For the basics of what's going on here and why you might or might not see a better picture with an up-scaling player, see the following "primer" thread at the top of this forum:


As you'll see in that thread, it's hard to predict whether YOU will see an improved picture, and about the only way to know for sure is to try it, preferably with a unit you can return if you don't think you are getting value for the money.

The "options/impressions" thread, also at the top of this forum, has summary information in its first post regarding many of the up-scaling players currently under discussion here.

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thanks. i just read your article. extremely informative. i think i'll try my sony non-progressive dvd player first, then consider moving up to an upscaling model.
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