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I'm looking to buy a good LCD TV, I have no idea whats good here as I haven't shopped for a new TV in 10 years lol

I'm looking for something like:




price range: 700$

I have a few questions though:

I'm wanting to actually hook up my computer to my TV, I have alot of 1280x720 shows in .mkv / .mp4 containers, and if I hook my TV up to the LCD with a DVI to HDMI converter or something would the shows come out clear and crisp HD?

Also right now as a computer screen I have a "Sony Xbrite SDM-hs95p" That's a glossy 4:3 LCD, so I was wondering if sony is still making glossy TV panels, as I heard of Sony XBR8 series, don't know if it's the same but I love this current LCD!

And about 30/60/120 refresh rate, which is better? I heard people complain about 120hz on LCD TVs before..
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