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looking to buy CRT in Central Jersey

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I am looking for pretty much any crt projector. As long as it has a nice picture and is in good condition I will take it. I will pickup in NY or PA.

if you have one or know of one that is avaliable please respond or email me at [email protected] (I am located in East Brunswick NJ)

Chris Clark
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looking to buy CRT in Central Jersey
what's so special about "central Jersey", are the projectors there better then other places? :D Send a PM to techman707, he's in NY , although I'm not sure he messes around with the entry level machines but it wouldn't hurt to ask?
You can also talk to Mr WAREAGLE (aka clarence) as he is fairly close and has a number of ECP and Sony pj that his wife is looking to offload.

Yeah, I hate to see them go, but they do need to find a good home...

I think that's the best approach for acquiring a CRT. It's well worth driving 2-3 hours to see the projector in person, transfer the money in person, and safely transport it instead of risking freight. It saves the buyer about $200 and saves the seller the hassle of building a crate.

I'm probably a little too far... I've driven to Jersey shore and Philly a few times in similar situations. I'm in Northern VA... mapquest says 20132 is about 3:50 from East Brunswick.

But if you'd like to compare several Sony VPH1031's, an NEC, several Electrohome ECPs, a Sony VPH1271 with only 150 original hours (and a few others) then let me know. I could probably set you up with the DVD players, sync convertors, cables, etc that you could use to get started. They're all in great shape.

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I would take Clarence up on his generous offer. You eleminate a LOT of variables, extra costs, and besides - you have a selection of a dozen or so units to peruse. That's rare. It's worth the drive.

I would guess Clarence has enough spare parts to set you up with everything you need. I doubt you could find anything cheaper on ebay, as Clarence has already done that.

i would like to thank you all for your help
Go and take a trip to Bush Gardens then make trip out of it.

Rollercoasters, beer and CRT's woohoo!
To make it really fun,

do as R said:

But leave the wife and kids at home. Now thats my idea of fun......
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