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looking to buy new plasma. which one?

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i have a 60" kuro from last year and i love it. this year i bought a vizio led backlight and returned it already. now i want to go back to plasma. which is the best out there in 60" and larger? now that pioneer no longer does its own panels.
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If you can wait a few months the new Panasonic VT25 series. Reports from CES said that it may equal or surpass Kuro technology. Of course no one has tested one yet so all of this is conjecture. It won best of show and looks to have the best 3D technology (If that is an interest to you). Of the new Plasma displays, this is the one that attracts my attention the most.

If you really want Pioneer quality, buy a Pioneer. They are hard to find now, but you should still be able to track one down.

Is budget no object?
Budget not a problem but don't want to break the bank either. It's for our bedroom. My wife wants a tv asap. Aren't I lucky? She likes bigger. I got kuro 1/2 price from pioneer employee discount. Current kuro models? Are they up to snuff?
the latest Pioneers are the best to date. If you can find one I would grab one. The VT-25 will not be out in a large size for at least 2-3 months. Last years HDTVs besides Pioneer just aren't as good as Pioneer. Most suspect that outside the VT-25, the 2010s won't be better either.

Edit: And no one is sure the VT-25 will be any better than the last Pioneers either.
There really aren't many good quality TV's out there above 60" right now...There are some remaining Pioneer 6020's scattered around Best Buys and there are the Panasonic 65V10 and upcoming 65VT25's--but the Panasonics have the rising black level problems, so you should be aware of that.

You could try a 58" Samsung or a 55" LED, but they won't be the equal of your Pioneer either.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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