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Hello all.

I do Home Theater training nationally for numerous vendors, and one thing that I try to do is have different demo material from all the other vendors. Everyone seems to stick to the standard - Gladiator, Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, King Kong, etc. But I'm looking for different stuff, old stuff, new stuff, etc. I'm also looking for scenes that will show off: Dynamic Range (example - U571 - depth charge scene), Directivity (example - Dragonheart - when the dragon files around quaid's character), Weather/Ambient Effects (example - Open Range - rain, Signs - in the crops), Subwoofer demos (example - War of the Worlds, when the aliens emerge), Great Use of all Speakers (example - Harry Potter Chamber - Rogue Bludger Scene). But they need to be clean of profanity, as these will be used to train employees, but also used in customer demos as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've got a bunch of clips now, but I'm looking to be able to change the demos out on a regular basis.

I've seen some of the threads for subwoofer demos which have been good, but looking for more, and specific scenes as well - not just King Kong, or LOTR, looking for particular scenes that are Awesome! I've also downloaded a few of the discs from the HT Demo Tree, which are awesome, but looking to do some for myself now as well.

Thanks for your help.

Larry M.
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