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Looking to purchase HT

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Hello, I am getting ready to purchase a home theater system. I have done some minimal research and found a system at Best Buy. My budget is limited, so I realize that I am going to be getting a low/mid-end system.

What are the cons to this setup?

Sony 770W 7.1-Ch. A/V Home Theater Receiver


JBL SCS Series 6.1-Channel Home Theater Speaker System - Silver/Black SCS160SI

In looking at the specs for the receiver, I found this:

770 watts total power: 7 x 110 watts (1kHz @ 8 ohms, THD 0.7%); amplifier: 7 x 100 watts (20Hz - 20kHz @ 8 ohms, THD 0.09%)

How can it have two THD ratings? The one for the 110 Watts isn't very good, but the rating for the 100 watts is ok.

Thanks for any help,

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Amplifier ratings are notoriously inaccurate. All the spec is saying is that it's capable of higher power but it comes at the cost of higher distortion. Don't get caught up on specs... listen to the actual receiver with the speakers. Harmon Kardon, Denon, and Pioneer are popular receiver brands on this forum. Also post your budget... people might have other suggestions.

What is your budget with taxes, shipping, everything that you want to spend? The jbl's are a good start - I had a northridge set a couple of years ago and although my friend has them now they still sound great. The Sony receiver, well, lets just say much is left to be desired. Unless you can dish out cash for an ES model, I would stay away from Sony receivers. Try Onkyo, Harman Kardon, Denon, Pioneer - they all make an excellent products.

Like Greg said, post your budget, more people can pitch in and give you some great advice on what to get when you tell them what your working with money-wise. It also leaves the door open to some excellent choices.
My budget with taxes and shipping would be around $600 for the receiver and speakers. I have a $150 gift certificate at Best Buy that I would like to use, but I guess I can buy the receiver and speakers somewhere and then buy the stands, connectors, and other stuff at Best Buy.

Thanks again for your help,

Ok. $600 is kinda tight but you can still manage to get some pretty good stuff. Would you consider buying your HT setup in various stages? Say... buy the receiver, front left/right, center channels and then you can add a sub and surrounds later. There are some pretty killer deals on JBL stuff right now so you would be able to put a very nice system together for the little money it would actually cost (e20's for fronts, ec25 center, and e10 for surrounds) There are also good deals on Onkyo going around and you should be able to find a good deal on a HK receiver as well.

Otherwise I would stick with your original plan with getting that JBL speaker set along with an onkyo tx-sr602b or a HK or Denon equivalent.
Where is a good place to find deals on say a Onkyo tx-sr602b or the JBL E-series? Is my best bet online or in a store?

What about Polk, or Infinity speakers? I can't get an Onkyo tx-sr602b at Best Buy, but you can at Circuit City. Circuit City only carries Polk, Dual, Infinity, Sony, and Bose speakers; no JBL speakers.

As for Onkyo and JBL E-series, you can get very good deals at jr.com (especially on jbl products). Try looking at onecall.com as well as vanns.com - just bascially shop around and see who has the best price. Onkyo and JBL also list 'authorized' retailers for both online and store buying - look to see who has the best prices. I've ordered from jandr before and they are very good. Check out bestpriceaudiovideo.com as well.

Polks are good. In fact I have a Polk system consisting of RTi series speakers. I like it and have no complaints with it. Infinity is a nice product too but they weren't for me - too thin sounding. Bose, well... just read around and you'll get the idea.

My recommendation? With your budget, get the e20's for fronts, the ec25 for your center, and the e10's for your surrounds. The onkyo 602 will be good and you could look at yamaha products (Best Buy has these). If you want everything at once, you had a good first choice in speakers. Again, yamaha, denon, hk, and onkyo receivers are your best bet. Just listen to as much stuff as you can that fits into your budget. But if you can/want, the best thing to do would be to buy your HT in stages. Buy the best and as much as your budget allows then go back and add more. Soon you'll have a killer setup. You could put together the afforementioned speakers, jbl ep150p, and onk 602 for under a grand and it will sound EONS better than the packaged jbl set. Then either use your $150 at BB for cables/wire or check out bluejeanscable.com

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You will do well with a Yamaha YHT-755, which you can get at under $600.00, and which you can upgrade later, if you desire, based on the inputs/outputs in the venerable HTR-5740 Receiver. (See, e.g., Yamaha on the YHT-755 and YHT-755 @ $503.00 .)

Alternatively, grab a Yamaha RX-V750 for $420 and a NS-BP4500 Speaker System for $170. (See Yamaha on the RX-V750 and RX-V750 @ $420 ; Yamaha on the NS-BP4500 and NS-BP4500 @ $170 .) Then grab a DVD player later, and you can upgrade on an excellent receiver.
Thanks for your responses. They have been helpful, I guess I just have one more question though.

If I get a 7.1 receiver but only a 6.1 speaker package, how do I hook up the center rear speaker?


The manual that comes with the receiver will tell you which channel to hook up a single rear speaker to. For instance, I think on my onk, it says to hook up the center rear (6.1) to the left surround rear output.

Good luck - have fun!!
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