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Looking to upgrade from Onkyo TX-SR805. Don't need anything more than 7 channels. Is NR828 the logical replacement?

I've read on a lot of threads that people point towards the NR929 as the logical replacement, and I'm not sure why that is?

The NR828 has 130W/channel just as the 805 did. And as I stated above I dont need the 9 channels the NR929 offers.

I do get that the NR929 has MultEQ XT32 and the 828 only has MultEQ.

What else is in terms of build quality is so different in the 929?


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I am in the same boat. Or was. In the 3rd place now, I just bought a X4000, open box, from One Call. It was listed as the X4000ci (which it isn't on the Denon site) which might be why it was still there.

Being an authorized dealer, I get the 3 year warranty as well.

The 805 is a beast and I will be sorry to see it go. But go it will....

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