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So i have a 12 year old Sony STRDA-1000ES AVR that i am looking to upgrade.

Been a while since was looked into audio so need help.

Been looking at denon but they seemed to go down hill quit a bit. Last denon i heard and looked at was a AVR990 and a 991.

But seems like any denon i see now looks like a cheap POS.

Here is what i have:

Fronts - JBL S312

Rears - JBL S38

Center- JBL SCenter

Sub - Acoustech PL200

What i would like:

2-3 optical inputs

1-2 Coaxial inputs

2-3 HDMI inputs

Speaker A/B selector so i can power my outdoor speakers ( just 2)

Clean sounding

Something that does not look and feel cheap.

$300-500 range

Only reason i want to upgrade is looking at getting into the newer sound formats. Im stuck in DTS and heard awesome things about DTS/DD HD/Master

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Players send high bitrate lossy codes over optical when playing lossless tracks on Blu-ray. They sound great, rivaling lossless and you probably won't hear any difference from full lossless. So, if that's the only reason, don't bother. On the other hand, getting a receiver with modern room correction such as Audyssey would likely make a difference.

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^^What sounds great or not is actually how the original sound track is recorded and edited/mixed/mastered, not whether it's the new codec or old, nor the absolute bit-rates. Read any reviews and note the audio ratings.


1. Except for a few, Blu-rays are only 48kHz sample rate, which DVDs already support, not what people would consider "HD" or high resolution in audio circles. I don't count the fake upsampled ones as "HD" either.

2. You are still stuck with dts mostly as most studios now use dts rather than Dolby.

As to receiver going downhill, some will agree (in terms of build, weight, power output) and some disagree (new features). All the mass market brands have gone lighter except the top models. If Denon is "POS" then best of luck in your price range.

"Speaker A/B selector so i can power my outdoor speakers ( just 2)"

Most models don't do A/B any more, but 'zone 2' instead.

"Clean sounding"

The sceptics here will tell you they all sound the same, but room correction may make it cleaner.
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