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Hi guys,

Still fairly new to the headphone world, but last year I picked up a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones to use at work with an iPod. I have enjoyed them, but they are a little bright, and I can notice some strange clicking in the right cup.

Being in an office, I need something that is over-ear and closed, with good isolation. I am looking for a neutral response, but mainly something that isn't bright. I prefer more relaxed/rolled-off speakers, so something along those lines would be preferable. Additionally, it has to be comfortable as I usually wear them for long periods of time.

I had tried some Shure 440s and Sennheiser 280s, and ended up liking the Sony's best. The Shure were very uncomfortable, and the Sennheisers didn't really stand out. So I am looking for any recommendations you might have of something in the $200 and under range. I wouldn't be opposed to spending more if there is something great a little above my budget, but spending less is always nice.

I will be powering them with a iPod Touch, so nothing that would require an amp.
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