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Loondijke's Dedicated Attic-HT

Hi all,

I've been reading and following all you guys with some amazing Home Theathers and I think it's about time I showed you mine humble small HT!

My name is Tim and I'm from The Netherlands. I live together with my girlfriend and I really love watching movies and tv-shows. I watched a Panasonic Plasma (42PX80, 55VT50, 55VT60) for 8 years and had the opportunity to upgrade my attic to a dedicated HT! Didn't think twice and toke the jump. It is temporarily, because I'm selling the house within 1 year... So I tried to make the best of it, without spending a lot of money on the room itself.

Sorry for the "crappy" photos from my Nokia Lumia 930.

What you see? Or don't see...

Projector: Sony HW55 ISF calibrated
Screen: Kingpin VFS210 screen (screen diagonal 230cm)
Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR818
Fronts: Dali Concept 8 (2x)
Center: Dali Concept Center
Rears: Dali Concept 1 (2x)
Subwoofer: BK XXLS400
Source: HTPC i3 with XBMC/KODI
Storage: Thecus 7bay 18TB (downstairs)

It's a small room, but with 2 people it's a very great joy to watch a movie in this room :). In my next house, in 1 - 2 years, I want to get a complete basement or garage to turn into a dedicated HT. :D. And offcourse a true 21;9 solution. But you have to have something to dream off....right :D.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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