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Lose audio during commercials with dct5100

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I'm on comcast in the bay area and I lose all audio during commercials on my local HD channels. If I hook the analog audio outputs up everything is fine. The digital output is where I see the problem. I have searched but unable to find anything about this. Any help would be appreciated!

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Another thing... obviously this is when the picture is in 4x3 mode only. Whenever it is 16x9 (HD) audio is fine.


My local ota does the same thing (has been for years).(2,4,7) I finally figured it out. I use sep. amps and only listen to the center ch.(for sports,) When I turn on the fronts;the audio is "there" during commercials and nothing comes out of the center ch. Can't tell you Y but that's how it is. Geo.
are you saying shut off the dolby decoder for commercials and it will work? i understand, but how stupid can these broadcasters be?
Pretty stupid. But this sounds like a feature, not a problem.
not for superbowl, where the commercials will be the best part! ;)
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