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Losing patience with my Denon 2112

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I'm bustin out of the "official xx12" thread because my posts are getting lost in the noise.

I can't use it w/ my PS3 and RS1 because the projector won't sync (HDMI freq out of range errors) to the PS3 signal at 1080P. I was told that there is a firmware update that fixes this for the receiver. But, I can't get a firmware update. I try, but it just won't happen. When I try to do the update I get a long hang on authenticating, then it fails to update.

The internet radio works, it's hard wired to the cable modem and I did the microprocessor reset. I even skipped the router and plugged it directly into my cable modem. Nothing seems to help...

Anyone have any advice? Maybe suggest a new receiver from someone who has decent tech support?
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Hmmm .. your last post in the XX12 Owner's thread was 3 months ago, in which you were given the advice to do a microprocessor reset. Did you? What about resetting your router? As you never posted back with the results of whether the reset worked or not, there was nothing further to communicate with you.

Originally Posted by raoul  /t/1334369/the-official-denon-avr-xx12-model-owners-thread/10300_50#post_21824818

Originally Posted by ghostsup  /forum/post/21824796

I had the same problem. I just kept on trying and it finally went through.

How many times did you try? Quite literally, I've been trying for a day now. Did you do a microprocessor reset? Frankly, that step sounds unnecessary.


Otherwise, check Denon's website for any authorized repair facilities in your local area that can do the update for you.

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Firmware update issues aside, it sounds like your PS3 issue is related to a long HDMI cable/cable bandwidth limitation....you should connect the PS3 directly to the RS1 and disable Deep Color in the PS3 menu, then reconnect to the Denon..
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