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Losing Picture - help me troubleshoot

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Great information here. Tried a search with no luck.

I have a Sony KP-53HS10 CRT rear projection unit. Its about 6 years old and generally has a good picture. I have Directv with a DVR and 3 LNB dish. Using a Terk antenna in the attic for off air HD. That's the setup.

My issue is that the TV has 3 modes 480i, 480p, and 1080i. While watching with no change to channel, the picture will black out like it has lost the signal then return. This only happens when watching the component input on any of the 3 modes or from any source (Sat or Ant). I can switch over to s-video replay the scene on the DVR with no loss of signal.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. TIA!
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Maybe some component intermittently failing, or with a cold solder joint, in that YPbPr input circuit. Not getting such blackouts with the set's test patterns would isolate the failure to small-signal input circuit boards, as opposed to high-power sweep circuits. 480i/p S-video needs a lower-frequency, less-demanding beam sweep than HD--unless DRC is set to upscale 480i. Suggest checking input RCA plugs for surface corrosion (pulling and twisting when reconnecting), without stressing cable portion). Ensure there's no overheating (dust-clogged or partially blocked ventilation slots, or dirty fan blades). -- John
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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