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Losing Transponder 1 signal

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I posted this a few days ago in the Dish Forum, but I seemed to have stumped the experts there, so I'm posting here hoping my luck turns...

I recently installed Dish 6000 +8VSB. I've noticed that after watching TV for about 1-2 hours, I lose signal on Transponder 1 on both 119 and 110. Signal strength in 119 is 100-110, 110 is ~60-80 (on transponder 1 when I get the signal). Turning the set off, unplugging, reinitializing, etc has had no effect. If I leave the set off for a few hours, the transponder signal are locked again. I've checked the cable and ground (in fact I ran a new cable using Belden 1694). The Dish itself is not grounded. The cable is grounded at point of entry. The switch tests ok (even after I've lost the signal). Dish tech was no help. My installer says that he would cover if it was an installation problem, but would charge for the visit if it was a system problem. His solution is to replace components 1 at a time and see if it helps.

I'd appreciate any ideas that the experts here may have in helping me trouble shoot this problem.


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What about the other odd transponders? Also, the signal should not vary from 60 to 80. That is too much of a change! What type of switch do you have installed?
The other odd transponders are all ok. On 110, the typical range for the odd transponders is 63-78. The even ones range from ~62-82. On 119 they are mostly in the 89-105 range with 2 @ about 78.

When I lose transponders 1 on both satellites, I still get all the others.

Try repointing the dish. The signal is too week. On 119 you shold be between 90 and 115, and on 110 you should be between 80 and 110.:rolleyes:
I have a SW64, joining a 110/119 Dish 500 with a second 61.5

dish. The switch feeds two receivers... one is a Dish 5000 with

HDTV modulator, and the second is a JVC DSR-100.

I never have a problem with the Dish 5000, but fairly often have

the same loss of transponders (1-8 in my case) on both 110/119

with my DSR-100. Higher transponders from 110/119 come in

with no trouble during the outage for the lower transponders.

Only the low transponders as seen by the DSR-100 have


Also, if I try to check out the switch (using System Setup menu) it

detects a problem. Frequently one satellite is missing from both

odd/even while the other two are present. Sometimes either odd

or even is missing from multiple satellites.

No rational explanation. I've changed coax to the DSR-100 but

to no avail. I've eliminated the power strip / surge suppressor

from the coax path to the reciever but to no avail. I've tried

re-testing the switch (using System Setup on the Menu) but

to no avail. All during this problem the Dish 5000 operates fine

on all transponders.

The only thing that has ever worked for getting back the "lost"

transponders is to remove the AC power to the power inserter

(up to the switch) and let it "sit" for a while, perhaps resetting.

At the same time I pull out the AC power to the DSR-100 and

let it go through its own power reset.

Then, maybe 10 minutes later, I plug in both the power

inserter up to the switch and the DSR-100. Voila! Magically,

the DSR-100 now works perfectly and odd/even on 110, 119,

and 61.5 are now all working properly.

I can't explain it. Dish usually explains it as a cable problem,

running from the switch to the receiver. But I don't understand

how it could be intermittent. I actually suspect a flaky SW64.

Anyway, that full power off/on reset cycle for both the SW64 as

well as my DSR-100 seems to always work.

I've been told that the SW64 isn't available any longer, replaced

by some new arrangement of a new multi-LNB dish and smaller

switch. So I'm not sure I could even replace the SW64 if I wanted

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Try www.dishdepot.com or www.accessorywarehouse.com for a new SW64.

Also, have you called Dish and asked them about replacing the SW64? If any of your equipment is still under warranty, so is your switch. If it isn't, you can put it back under warranty for a couple of bucks a month with a 12 mo. committment.

There is a waiting period before you can report something as defective, so if you go this route put your eqipment under the service plan and wait before you call your switch in as defective.
Finally, the tech support was able to come up with a solution that solved my problem with losing transponder 1 signals after a while. Apparently, the Dish 6000 is sensitive to surge protectors. Some surge protectors may cause the 6000 to "misbehave". I did not have the sat cable running thru the surge protector, but the 6K was plugged in thru the surge protector.

The tech had me do this in this order:

1. unhook sat cable from back

2. unplug from surge protector

3. plug back directly into electrical socket

4. connect sat cable

Others having strange problems with the D6K may want to try this to see if it helps.

Other tidbits I picked up from tech support -- Since the D6K does not decode OTA program guide info yet, Dish will broadcast the program guide info for peak times. If you've autoscanned the DTV stations, Dish will map the program guide info for the DTV stations. I don't see this working yet, but if this works that'll be great.

Another thing, Dish is working on a software upgrade to decode OTA program guide info, but no ETA yet.

I've had to deal with Dish tech support 5-6 times in the last month and they've always been great.

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