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My HK AVR630 recently developed a volume control issue (the volume will spike to the max on it's own a few minutes after turning it on). Rather than look into getting it repaired I'd like to buy new.

I'm still leery of Onkyo due to how my old amp ran so freakin' hot in the mid 90's. I'm drawn to Denon (2112, 2312) having always heard positive things, but am wondering if many of the more well versed folks here have better ideas that would meet my rather basic needs.

I have few requirements in terms of features beyond sufficient hdmi, rca ins & outs for my vintage cassette deck if possible, and as much clean power as I can get for the money. Old fogeys like me are probably mostly interested in power and durability.

I use Polk VM30 fronts, an old Paradigm center, 12" Infinity sub and inexpensive Infinity surrounds, all of which I intend to update eventually except the VM30's.

We split 50/50 between movies & music and watch on a 6 year old Panasonic 50" plasma.

Any directions to help a helplessly behind the times 53 year old a/v ignoramus out of the maze of $400-$700 a/v receivers is sincerely appreciated.
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