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Hi, with everyone building htpc's with differnt gear (Holo3d, Xcard etc) im a little lost as to what i need. so im asking a bit of help here...

I want to build a htpc, that also acts as a good...do much of anything pc...like play Mame etc.

I have a Grundig 36" widescreen tv (non-prog scan)...that doesnt accept component, only rgb scart...and I see the Xcard has an additional rgb scart pack...but im assuming thats only for mpg/mpeg2/divx output...not general videocard out?

so what i'd like is - (and please correct me if anything conflict or isnt a good choice)

p4 2.8 / amd 64

not sure on mobo

dvd-rom...does anything do?

Gbit lan

1gb ram

2x250gb ide drives (sata) i wont be backing up my dvd collection to hdd, so space isnt a problem

soundcard - creative soundblaster audigy 7.1

Xcard + RGB Scart addon

ATI Radeon 9600..but im not sure if this has rgb scart adaptors...I may need to get a component to rgb scart converter?

SD digital tuner that works in australia? (can I capture with those as well?)

Ahanix Dvine3 case

absolutly no idea on software


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