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Lost recording ends early!!

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OK, on my 5060 (analog cable via internal tuner) I have Lost set up to record (7:59-9:05 ETS). The only other recording on this machine are SG1, SG:Atl, and BSG - all for Fri-Sat only. Even with all of that junk on Fridays, they all get recorded. About 1/3 of the time Lost records about 75% of the episode and stops.

The signal quality is very good on the box, in fact I even tried a 2 way amp on there this week, and the same thing happened. I have yet to stand there and observe the problem as it happens, but it seems real weird to me that it is only this show. If it were other shows, I can see trying a different drive or a reformat, but it seems to specific.

What the heck is going on? Any ideas? Could the unit be resetting on Wednesday for some reason?
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What part of the world do you live in? How do you get your signal (Sat/Cable?). Are you downconverting the HD or recording the SD? When the show ends, what is the last few seconds....show or blue screen?

I live in the Detroit Burbs and have had lots of problems with the HD Lost.....through December of last year audio dropouts were every few minutes.....now, it seems to have a strange problem.

My parents live a few miles from me.....we both watch lost, one week I will have major video/audio dropouts, the next week they will.......very odd......and it only happens with Lost each week.

Maybe it has something to do with the mysterious island?

My point is, maybe there is something wrong with the signal, worth watching next week and see if there is a major drop out...
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I also had alot of audio dropouts on the show lost...thought it was a problem with my local broadcaster....or an issue with my Samsung T151...finally switched to recording it analog...also had the same problem when I recorded a show a while back "The 5 people you meet on the way to heaven" or something like that....same channel.
So, I was incorrect last night when I said it was my 5060. I have two in the basement, a 5060 stock and 5040 w/ Maxtor 250gb upgrade in it. As luck would have it - the same model I just sent in for warrant replacement after it went south. What do you know? this drive has gone south, too. It's all of sixty days old. In moving it to a computer, reformatting, I can't get it to complete any large file copies (Mac OS 10.3.7). Diskwarrior hates this HD now, can't repair it. Bad directoies, bad sectors.

I guess I'll file another replacement from Maxtor. I was skeptical of the reports of widespread Maxtor failures, but 100% of the two drives I bought have died in about the same amount of time, in about the same way.

What is recommended now, Seagate I guess?
I've been buying seagates and will continue to buy them unless I find some dirt about them. It seems the dirt has showing up elsewhere though, including maxtor
Well...I've had one maxtor 250 already go belly up on me within 30 days of purchase so I know they can be flaky..but I just got 3 of them (8 meg cache) for $59.94 each through a deal at staples so I really could not resist them for that price. Two of them went into the office pc which acts as a file server and the last will find it's way into my linux box here. Have a similar drive in my replay..now all I need to do is install dvarchive on the pc in front office and I'm set for space..least for now. ;)
I had something like this happen to me this weekend. 5160 with about 100 hours (std) free, quit recording a 2 hour movie at the 51 minute mark. When I tried to access other networked units from it, I was unable to and 243Z Find other units was ineffectual. Checked time from last reboot and it was at the 6 day 21 hour point. A warm reboot cleared all problems. When I checked the interrupted recording I found that a couple of minutes from the end the audio started stuttering in a manner I had not encountered before. A parallel VHS recording (don't ask) of the movie showed no signal problems. My guess is that the 7 day reboot cycle may be somewhat optimistic.
Originally posted by icecow
I've been buying seagates and will continue to buy them unless I find some dirt about them. It seems the dirt has showing up elsewhere though, including maxtor
And since all new Seagates comes with FIVE YEAR WARRANTIES, it's they way to go.

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