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My setup is: Sony desktop wired to my cable modem and my Linksys router. My Sony 50" TV can be/is served by my Panasonic 110 with a dongle.

For the better part of a year all was fine playing Netflix and Youtube in which I set up an account to which I saved the Youtube programs I wanted to keep. On firing up the 110 it came right on with the connection.

A few weeks ago Netflix asked me to sign in when using the Panasonic 110 at the TV. It took a few tries but finally worked.

Now to Youtube. At the TV it would not accept the sign ins or password that work just fine on Youtube in the computer, nor any other way, until I signed in with my Google sig-in.

Now it shows "My account" but it is empty, not connected to 'my account' on the computer where I saved my stuff.

Though my computer and the 110 are connecting to the router and I can play the offerings Youtube presents on 110, it obviously is not reading any of the saved stuff in the computer where I do the saving anyway.

What puzzles me is where the disconnect occured, was it me, Youtube or the Panasonic 110.

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