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Hi everyone I have been searching for about a week now for information on tv boxes.

My setup includes

basicaanalog extended cable

Optoma HD70 front dlp projector with no tuners whats so ever

(it has component and hdmi inputs) HDTV compatible upto 1080i 720p native

Ok now for the fun part excuse me if Im not wording this correctly let me know if it seems unclear. Thanks

I am looking for a box that is compatible with my cable situation basic cable that works as a tuner like as if I bought hdtv with a built in tuner.

So I would like to connect an external tuner via hdmi or component if I have to

I would like to watch analog SD tv throught the box and also possibly pick up OTA HD channels or if some HDTV channels come throught the analog which a friend of mine had a Oliva tv and tuner built in and was recieving some channels.

One thought I had was to buy a cable box off the bay motorola models looked at were 6200 and 3412 and 5100. I really just don't know if I could just plug and play? I don't have an interest in updating service and by no means want to use the box illegally. I just want to run my basic cable through it and maybe pick up some HD on the way.

Also Ive seen other boxes like samsung dtb-h260f box that I thought might do the trick but if I ever do want to upgrade to digital or hd service I believe I will need a cable box to through comcast.

(this is the only thing stopping my home theater right now)

If anyone has any info that would be greatly helpful thanks

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First, I would not waste my money purchasing a Cable STB from anywhere. you will shortly have a brick (if it ever works at all).

For OTA HD reception you have to purchase a tuner (a cable box won't help here).

You mentioned the Samsung, don't forget about the antenna needed for your area.
www.antennaweb.org is a good place to start.

As far as cable goes, you will need a QAM tuner, there are a few out there to purchase.

Most cable systems do pass the local channels in the clear so you can decode them with the QAM tuner, you may pick up a few extra stations but most of the other HD content will be scrambled (ESPN, Discovery etc).

You should be able to rent an HD tuner from the cable-co without upgrading your service(remember I said should), again this will allow you to pick up any unscrambled HD signals.

If you only want to watch the analog channels a VCR or dvd recorder will work.

Some of the newer DVD recorders have built in QAM tuners, they will not pass any HD.
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