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lots of news on Digitalbits: XMEN SE: DTS ?

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ah! I reminds me of that infamous discussion about the first release of XMEN on dvd, which did not feature DTS ( "officially" because it would have affected the image, well, they wanted to quickly release the film on dvd ! :D )

I wonder if this time they'll do it.

IRON GIANT SE. the first disc is superb. longer cut ? DTS ? oops, Warner, sorry :)

THELMA AND LOUISE is pushed back. too bad.
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Hi David,

me, I don't give a flying f#*k about the XMEN SE DVD, as the D-theater version will hopefully be in my hands in a few weeks :D

Thelma sure is in need of a rerelease.
X-Men is not my favorite, but memory tells me the original has a top notch transfer. The re-release will probably have lots of nice EE added along with DTS and extras.
Yep, William. The current release of X-Men is one of the best, if not THE best transfer from Fox yet. I hope they don't try to 'improve' it. Maybe they figure out that the EE halos are completely missing on this DVD, thus not providing the 'snappy' look of a lot of their other releases. Yuck! :D

They could indeed improve the soundtrack. I found most scenes to sound a bit shrill, thin and without enough bass extension. DTS wouldn't really help here, what they should do is a new mix.

well, the first reviews of the DTHEATER movies will sure be THE topic on this forum. I wish i could join too. maybe later in the fall.

still that "little" weirdo feeling about the sound though, a digital sound from a tape compared to a cd.. still hitting a nerve :D

but come on, even a DTS track from the same mix ( hey, I don't mind another mix, just give us the original cinema master ) will add some musical smoothness and detailing. :)

that is unless you're convinced the 1/2 dts is pure crap as "some" think ( or are trying to make the Joe6packs believe ... ). But first the mix, that's surely the first basic step.


PS: anything new on the front of audio graphs ? I saw your detailed review of tha Disney (Huntchback), pretty interesting. I just got SLEEPING BEAUTY in region 2 ( yeah yeah I know :D ) SE edition. first reviews say the image especially is stunning.
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On the X-Men SE, I don't know anything about DTS (maybe, maybe not), but look for an extended version of the film.
Well, any new release of X-MEN just won't get me excited. I bought the original when it came out, watched it once, and then shelved it. I didn't think much of the film, but as I recall the image quality was quite good. I certainly didn't think enough of the movie to be compelled to buy a better version.

I will stick with my old version. I cannot see the video and sound getting much better. The DD DVD is near the top of my demo pile for both sound and video quality.
Originally posted by David600
still that "little" weirdo feeling about the sound though, a digital sound from a tape compared to a cd.. still hitting a nerve :D
It shouldn't. The Dolby audio will be at a higher bit rate than is found on DVD. And Fox is also considering DTS for some HD releases, at a FULL BIT rate, higher than laserdisc!

(Doesn't bother me whether or not DTS is included on current DVDs. The half-bit rate DTS on DVD is a joke.)
1/2 rate dts is a joke ? it always stuns to see so many people believing the ONLY advantage of dts is its "full rate". laughing up big time.

here's my 4 in order of priority:

1. the MIX

2. the respect of the cinema mix ( ! no cooking down ! )

3. dts ( 1/2 or full rate )

4. dolby

as for the sound on d-theater, it's my ignorance of how a d-vhs tape functions that leads me to my worried statement about the "sound" of the d-theater tapes. not what kind of audio codecs will be featured.

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D-Theater. D-Theater. D-VHS. D-VHS.

David this the same outfit that told some guy that Pacific Family Entertainment, was going to have a summer release in 2001 of The Final Countdown right? Much real at digital bits or crystal ball gazing of "who's on first". lol

PQ joke made by Bud Abbott & Lou Costello. :)

hi guys

Hob: hope not :D :D gggggg

btw, what's the status of this fiasco with Pacific ? you guys have the dvd ??
I cancelled my 2 copies when I heard from them, they 'thought' it would be out some time in May, this was in April! June will be one year from what was told to the guy on www.imdb.com Type The Final Countdown go to message board, and see the digital bits crapola, the date your looking for is 3/29/01!

I wonder if I will see my credit statement next month with additional 2 $19.99 and 5.40 for shipping total $50.78!:)
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