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I'm a an audio noob looking to hookup my htpc to a sound system. I've bought an Harman avr 146 and a Yamaha rx-v363 (couldn't decide between the two). At first I was going to just hook it up via the analogue multi channel inputs and run it straight through to the speakers since my sound card is supposed to do all the fancy audio stuff (Auzentech Prelude). I hooked the sound system up to my dvd and cable box (HTPC is not operational yet). Sunds good but it seemed like I had to crank it up real high to get to the volume I liked (-15 to -25). Is that normal? I didn't do too much research and on a whim just bought a Crown CP660 to add more power.

Can I just add the amp between my receiver and speaker (no pre-outs on the receivers)?

Or do I have to get a receiver with pre-outs?

Can I just hook the amp up straight to my pc via 3.5 to RCA adapters (what happens to the sub then)?

I know that a DSP is also an option, but I don't think there are any decent ones that I can get my grubby hands on for ~$100 - $150. Any recommendations?

Also thinking about getting a Yamaha HTR-5890 (7.1 140w/channel), but that would defy the point of the Crown CP660, right?

The junk I have or have coming for sure:


Yamaha RX-V363

Harman Kardon AVR 146

Gateway KAS-303 6.1 speaker system (wannabe HSU ventriloquist)

Crown CP660 6 channel amp

HTPC /w Auzentech Prelude BD/HDDVD rom and at least a HD4850

Stuff I might add to appease my upgrade itch:

Yamaha HTR-5890

Harman Kardon Citation 21 preamp (edit: this thing looks like it's only stereo.. DOH!)

PS Audio 6.1?

Advantage/disadvantage between

just a 5890 (receiver>speakers)


5890 + Amp (receiver>amp>speakers)


363 + amp (cheap receiver>amp>speakers)


preamp + amp (preamp>amp>speakers)

Any other possible combos I'm missing?

Please help, I'm pulling my hair out trying to decide what to do. I put more money into this system than I set aside already, but hoping I can pawn off some of the remaining items to get back to 0.
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