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For many years I was running my Lexicon MC1 into my Aragon 8008x3 amp with some pretty great results. Unfortunately, the Lexicon could not process the new sound formats that blu-rays were capable of. So, I bought a Pioneer SC-27 knowing that it had pre outs that could be run into my Aragon. I know the amps inside the Pioneer are pretty nice, but my Aragon is awesome!

Unfortunately, when I hooked the Pioneer to the Aragon, I got a terrible "hum" or feedback or something. I can still hear the proper sound coming from the speakers, but it is very faint and hidden behind all that feedback. I tried hooking back up the Lexicon and the sound was flawless. When I use the pre outs on the Pioneer, something is going terribly wrong.

What could be causing this issue? It seems to me that the Pioneer SC-27's pre outs are putting out some sort of "extra" voltage or something.

I have tried another receiver with pre outs and it does not make the humming sound. It is even older than the Lexicon, so I can't use it either.

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