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Now that I have tested my new PIO 460 and had a couple of things explained to me by Citibear, I'm loving it!!!!

It is going to do exactly what I want!!! The little guy will even let me create chapters with ease and even more important, it will let me create titles/chapters for multiple episodes on one DVD. This means no more fast forwarding for 15 mins, clicking the button 100 times and trying to figure out where I left off. Now I'll be able to click on the title/thumbnail of each episode and go!! No need to make two discs trying to do a menu on the PC. (For custom menus with clickable custom thumbnails, you still have to use a PC, that's ok, but it is not often you need to do that unless your going full on pro).

My previous Panasonic could not even come close to doing this!!! (Unless you used RAM disc, but then good luck playing it. It was also very cumbersome and there were no instructions that were understandable or complete.

Titles are a breeze on the PIO 460 as well. just connect a USB PC keyboard to the front and type away, no pressing dozens of buttons and scrolling around! (Although you can do that if you want).

I can also manually adjust recording times for best quality down to the minute! No more taking a 2.5 hour show or whatever and having to record at 4 hours!

It also gets along with all my other gear, no fighting.

Now I get to start copying over my VHS tapes and re-doing some of the DVDs I did on the old Panny!!! (The hard part will be the labling)

Thank you AVS forums (Citibear and everyone who steered me away from combo decks and poor quality DVD recorders that would not have done what I needed), and thank you to the person I bought it from for having it at the good price and thank you Canada for having those PIOs! (I even purchased the new Rush Snakes and Arrows concert DVD to celebrate...they are one of the other things I thank Canada for.

I'm so excited over my new PIO!!
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