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I'm setting up my Hitachi 57F510 rear projection TV and JVC TH-C4 5 DVD surround reciever. I've got a small audio issue and it's been an issue as far back as I can recall.

This TV has stereo audio output to be connected to a stereo amp. I have this output on the TV connected to the "VCR" input on the JVC amp. In the TV's setup menus I can choose "fixed" or "variable" volume. If I choose fixed, I don't get any audio to my amp. If I choose variable I can get audio, but only if I turn the TV volume all the way up.

My issues might be with the TV or possibly with the JVC reciever. The sound on the TV is fine and the amp sounds fine when playing the radio or CD's

Is anyone aware of any issues with either of these devices as far as this audio channel goes? Suggestions?

(P.S. Also posted to the RPTV area as this may be a TV issue)
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