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Low budget BR home theater help?

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Hello there! I'm a Junior in college and although I know I shouldn't be spending money on a home theater setup, the techie in me just can't help himself

I am fairly new to the whole blu-ray scene, as I originally thought that the PS3 and all other BD players did the same thing. Upon reading many articles here I noticed that this was not the case. What I have now is a 720P Olevia LCD (cheap I know), a PS3 that I've had since this last summer, and an old Sony receiver w/ 5.1 setup that plays regular DTS and DD just fine through optical audio cables.

I have been looking around at several BD players and receivers that can play the newest audio codecs and I am looking into buying the Onkyo TX-SR605 because this is the lowest price that I am aware of. My question about this is: since the player will be sending HDMI to the receiver and then from the receiver to the TV, will there be a loss in video quality? Any thoughts or experience with the 605?

Also, since I don't even play PS3 games anymore I'm probably going to sell the system and buy a standalone BD player. My other reason for selling it is due to it not being able to send out bitstream via the new audio codecs. Is there any player that can support the new TrueHD and DTS-HD MA codecs? I have been told that there is no such player that can send bitstream to receivers with the new codecs? Also, if i switched to a BD standalone player, would I get worse video quality compared to my PS3, or are all the players pretty much the same when it comes to BD and standard DVD playback?

What would you guys suggest and please help me out if I am way off in what I think I know!?
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How are your speakers? If they're the weakest link in the chain I doubt you'll hear a difference.

HDMI is passed through the receiver to your display without change.
The speakers are old as well. I plan on getting new ones to go with the receiver. Any recommendations for a set of 7.1 speakers that are decently priced?

I'm not planning on upgrading this all at once, it will have to be a one at a time kind of thing.

Good to hear that the video quality won't be affected through the receiver.
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