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Low ceiling - Mits HD1000U - anyone out there tilting screens ?

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I'm another of the cursed .... low basement ceiling AND a soffit in the middle of the room to boot.

I'm planning on a 120" screen......which makes the screen 59" tall, and the vertical offset from lens to top of screen is 20".

Because of the soffit the projector lens is mounted at approx. 72" from the floor. To square to the screen it should really be at (59+20) = 79".

Add on wanting the screen at least 6" above the floor and I'm in low ceiling hell. (projector lens should be at 85" above floor).

I ran some numbers, and if I tilt the projector up at 3.5 degrees, at a 15'8" throw distance, I should get the image where I want it...........If I then tilt the top of the screen out approx 3.5" I should square up the image.

Anyone else done this kind of thing ?

Do my numbers agree with anyone with experience at tilting the screen ?


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Yes I have done it, although slightly less tilt than you need. Mine is about 3 degrees.

I did a quick check with autocad and came up with 15'11" throw at 4 degrees, to get the bottom of a 59" screen 6-5/16" above the floor. So your numbers look pretty good.
Leto, thx for the quick reply.

Glad to know I still understand trig.

I tilted mine as well, but honestly, I just kind of gave it a try. No trig, no triangulation, just a couple guesses & a wonderful end result to pretty much center it on my wall. Mine was a bit less scientific, but I'm very happy with the outcome!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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