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If anyone is looking for a very good deal on speakers at a low price, there's a closeout sale at XXX on a speaker line from Sound Dynamics. Sound Dynamics is a Canadian company and their speakers have received several excellent reviews over the years, including one from the top reviewer, Harry Pearson, at high-end magazine _The Absolute Sound_, on the RTS-3, which is one of the speakers being closed out.

The RTS-3 bookshelf listed at $280/pr (which was a great deal), now at $198/pr.

RTS-5 floorstander were $450/pr, now $249.

RTS-7 large floorstander was $550, now $299

RTS-RS1 bi-polar surrounds were $330, now $199.

(info from Sound Dynamics site indicates U.S. list prices have been increased on the -3, -5, and -7 to $320/pr, $500/pr, and $650/pr respectively.)


These are rather average looking speakers, but use well-matched drivers and cabinets to create surprisingly good sound. Sound Dynamics provides some review summaries at:

One could go with the RTS-7 and the RTS-RS1 for $498 plus S&H. Then add a sub.

Only trouble, no matching center available from AA. Not sure what to do about this. They had a RTS-C2 center, but I don't know where one might find one. If one could find one for around $200 and add a Hsu or SVS sub in the $400's, you'd have a heckeva system for around $1100-$1200. Or for $100 less if you go with the RTS-3's for the fronts.

Or you could run go with the RTS-3 & RS1 (or 4 RTS-3's), run a phantom centerr and pick up a $300 sub and be in the $700-$800 range. Pretty tough to beat the quality at this price.

I would also consider Axiom & Paradigm in these price ranges.

Just wanted to pass this along to those looking for good sound on a budget. Don't know how many they have left, but recently they had some additional models so the closeout stock may be running out.

Tom B - no affiliation with Sound Dynamics

PS I may have violated AVSforum rules by mentioning a reseller and a price. At least that's what I garned from reading some other posts. Those rules, should they exist, haven't been posted in the forums that I frequent. At least to the best of my knowledge. I have edited out the potentially offensive information. People interested in these Sound Dynamics will need to search the web to find out who may be selling them at closeout prices.
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