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low cost plasma?

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Im Looking for a plasma display for 2k or under, anyone have any thoughts on the Akai PDP4249, ESA PDP4294LV, Viewsonic VPW425, and the Vizio P2. anybody with any thoughts on these would be very helpful as i am looking to purchase one very soon. i prefer not to go over 2k and i would like to purchase from a retail store. thank you in advance
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Try this thread:

Budget Plasma

Also try searching for reviews based on the model numbers you listed. Just make sure you change the search from last 2 days to last year - and you find plenty on info on the plasmas listed.

Be aware plasma prices are falling - and if you wait a little while you could get a much better major brand in your price range. Thread on falling prices:

$1000 plasmas by 2006

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If Fujitsu P50 prices ever fall below 5K will it mean the end of the world?
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