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I need some input on an issue I am having playing back Blu-Ray discs and rips with PowerDVD 7.3.

I have tried to play both Watchmen and Mutant Chronicles this weekend and I am hearing an annoying low end digital hum, buzz, breakup (hard to describe) whenever there is a low end section in the movie. For instance in Mutant Chronicles when the cannons fire the boom has a very strange digitalness to it. It sort of breaks up and is not smooth at all.

I can play Blu-Rays through my Samsung BDP-1400 and they sound fine. When I try these disc in my HTPC using PowerDVD they sound terrible.

I am using an Audigy Sound Blaster card with the digital out to an external IO box and digital coax to my receiver.

All other audio on the HTPC plays fine; music, DVD's, video files, etc...

It seems to only be with Blu-Rays that are encoded with DTS-HD MA.

Any ideas on the cause and how to fix?

Sound card has latest drivers and I am running on Win7 RC 7001.

EDIt: I have confirmed that it is only with BluRays that are DTS-HD MA. I played Iron Man, Pirates and Dark Knight and they are fine.
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